NWD has designed numerous architectural projects that cover a broad spectrum of building types and scales. We believe that the variety of our projects enable us to approach each new challenge with an open and curious mind.


Urban Planning & Renewal

NWD believes in an interdisciplinary approach to planning that integrates rigorous economic and cultural research, with sensitive environmental analysis.


Rural Planning & Renewal

NWD expands it planning expertise beyond the suburbs, and looks to establish integrated networks of resource management, market intelligence, and sustainable agriculture.


Sustainable Planning

NWD allows sustainable thinking to permeate it projects, and looks to the NWD Sustainable Planning initiative to provide a conceptual umbrella for integrating ecological strategies across different project types and scales.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

NWD is steeped in technical knowledge, and uses the most cutting edge design software on the market. We look to BIM as a critical tool for controlling cost, creating accurate construction documents, and coordinating complex installations.