Nassiriyah Truck Stop

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Nassiriyah, Dhi Qar, Iraq
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Project: Tuck Fueling Station

Client: Al Seqir Express Cargo ltd.

Program: Space for 7 microgrant business, 2,500 sqm fueling canopy

Status: In Progress


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There is no simple way to describe the genesis of this project. Like many things in Iraq, even the most straightforward project becomes immensly complicated by cultural, political, and security considerations. Our involvement in Iraq began through a relatively brief commercial logistics planning study for the Iraqi Transportation Network. In our plan we developed a scalar system of architectural and infrastructural elements that could be deployed in various combinations in order to address the unique demands of Iraq's diverse national logistics needs. The Nassiriyah Truck Stop falls somewhere in the middle of this scale. The Nassiriyah Truck Stop is specifically geared towards facilitating microgrant businesses, the personal needs of Iraq's truck drivers, and establishing a landmark in an otherwise unpopulated stretch of highway. Allthough this project is relatively simple in its plan, it will have the capacity to house 6 fledgling trucking related local business, fuel up to 8 rigs at a time, and perhaps most importantly, provide delicious local Iraqi food for a hungry and busy trucking community.