Brasilia in the Near Future


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Brasilia, Brazil
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Project: Intermodal Transportation Center

Critic: Lise Anne Couture

Program: Bus Station, Subway Link, Light Rail Link, Bike Park, Car Park, Administrative Offices

Status: GSD Studio Project


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Brasilia persists as a fixture within our collective architectural imagination. Brasilia’s construction was one of the most forward looking moments in architectural history. The sheer audacity of its construction as the center for governmental administration beyond the bounds of history and geography speaks to a boldness that few projects have surpassed. That said, the coarseness of scale and the isolation of infrastructure has left Brasilia with a legacy of urban planning that places the pedestrian squarely outside of the loop of civic engagement. This project seeks to unify the numerous threads of pedestrian and infrastructural scales to create a new architecture that mediates the myriad of intermodal forces acting upon the monumental axis.