NWD News

10.05.2010-NWD Named as finalist in Shift Boston Moon City competition

09.20.2010-NWD presents Iraqi affordable housing to USD-S in Basrah

07.20.2010-NWD begins collaborationwith Beam Development, Beirut

07.15.2010-NWD comissioned for Iraqi affordable Housing project

06.13.2010-NWD recieves final budgetary approval for Nassiryah Truck Stop

06.07.2010-NWD recieves building permit for Nassiriyah Truck Stop

05.20.2010-NWD complete construction documents for Nassiriyah Truck Stop

05.04.2010-NWD Participates in Project Near East conference, Amman, Jordan

04.27.2010-NWD complete Nassiriyah Business Case for Nassiriyah Truck Stop

04.16.2010-NWD completes proposals for Humanitarian Aid Initiatives

03.26.2010-NWD complete schematic design for the Nassiriyah Truck Stop

03.14.2010-NWD sets up satellite office at the Crown Plaza Sheik Zayed

02.21.2010-NWD establishes Dubai office at the Grosvenor House, Dubai.

02.16.2010-NWD begins negotiations with fabricators.

02.10.2010-NWD releases the first round of humanitarian aid proposals

02.05.2010-NWD begins contractor bidding for first hub

01.11.2010-NWD relocates to Middle East for Construction Administration.

01.06.2010-NWD is now a registered AIA design firm.

12.13.2009-NWD Had an awesome time in Ann Arbor, Maciej you are a King!

11.05.2009-CVI web page goes live for beta testing. www.cv-investments.com

11.02.2009-NWD comissioned to develop ITN hub at Jordanian border

10.26.2009-NWD commissioned to design ASCEL offices in Dubai

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